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You have no power over me

2021 - Voice, analog and digital synths

A synthesis of disposable pop culture remnants creating a powerful mantra of protection. A collection of one-liners interwoven into a narrative of defence.

4 plus 5 equals 9

2020 - Brass Quintet

A demo of a movement for an upcoming suite for brass quintet.

Piggy in the Middle

2020 - Vocal, Guitars, Synths, Drums

There's a schoolyard game where one person in the middle has to quickly take a corner of the square while the others are switching places... Electric guitar - Rex Watts Recorded at SAE by Joshua d'Silva Produced by Christ de Kesel at AV Worx

Every Bullet

2019 - Vocal, Guitar, Mandocello, Mandolin

Mandocello / Mandolin - Rex Watts Recorded at SAE by Joshua d'Silva Mixed and Mastered by Scott and Rex

The Quiet Achiever

2019 - Violin, Clarinet, Piano

The basic idea of this piece is fast and quiet.  I imagine the studious behind-the-scenes person constantly interrupted for answers and keeping the show running in the background... Inspired by the wonderful ensemble Plexus, this is written for their instrumentation: Piano, Violin and Clarinet.

Shapes into Slow Thirds

2015 - Federation Bells

Am experimental composition for the Federation Bells in Melbourne - specially designed bells in an installation that you can walk through.

Seaorse Dreams

2015 - Synthesizers

When three people who spent between 6 and 20 years with Over The Moon Dance Studios get back together after time apart at doofs, in mosh pits and on the international stage we wind up with a very fringe interpretation of dance, inspired by a visit seahorse world. With music by Scott Sanders and choreography by Robert Brassington. Performed By Kat & Rilka at CASPA as part of the Fringe L’Amazing Performance, Castlemaine Fringe 2015.

Seaorse Dreams, full track

Dylan Thomas Suite

2014 - Choir

An arrangement for large choir of eight poems by Dylan Thomas:

  • in the beginning
  • when all my five and country senses see
  • light breaks where no sun shines
  • the force which through the green fuse drives the flower
  • once it was the colour of saying
  • and death shall have no dominion
  • in the white giants thigh
  • do not go gentle into that good night
Dylan Thomas poetry used by Permission of The Trustees for the Copyrights of Dylan Thomas.

The swirling vortex of the ancient sands, parts one to something

2014 - Synthesizers

A composition for synthesizers inspired by progressive house music


2013 - Soprano voice, clarinet, cello, piano

As a child living in the Ballarat region, we were warned repeatedly - stay on the paths and tracks because you never know where the unmarked mine shafts are.  They have only a narrow covering of earth and are only the width of a person - and go straight down for hundreds of feet.  If you fall down one of those, no one will even know you are down there. This is the story of such an event, based on many true stories and warnings, but no one particular story. Commissioned for Pure Poetry 2013, a collaboration between composers and poets in Central Victoria. Lyrics by Terence Jaensch.

Trace with Nature

2013 - Computer music, piano samples

Computer music utilising piano parts improvised by Charles Affleck to rehearsals of the dancers' movements. A reduced version of the track was used as the soundtrack to the Video Architecture presentation, Trace with Movement presented at Castlemaine State Festival 2013.

Trace with Nature [full version]

H Hecne Osife

2013 - Layered sine waves

An exploration of the fundamentals of music physics. Composed for We are made of Star Stuff, Lot 19 Castlemaine. In performance, the speakers are placed 6 metres apart, directly facing each other. The interference of the sound waves creates standing waves in the air that can be felt with the body. Also the small differences in frequency between the same notes across each speaker create beat frequencies that can be altered simply by moving around the room. ** the beginning is very quiet and low in pitch.

Aurora Calling

2013 - Synthesizers

If I press my fingers harder on my keyboard, can I get closer to you? Inspired by a true story, Aurora Calling is a beautifully written script that cycles a year in the lives of two female physicists - one in Alaska, the other in Antarctica - who are observing the stunning auroras. The only females in their respective expeditions, Trisha and Jackie are studying the aurora in mirror image. They maintain their friendship via email. The play dramatizes how, through their friendship, Trisha and Jackie support each other through the difficulties of isolation and the pressure to publish, while sustaining their scientific passion. Observing the beauty of the lights, armed with their temperamental ‘spectatroms’, they face the same question: can an aurora ever be truly quantified, observed or explained? A commission to create music for the play, Aurora Calling.  Performed at Lot 19, Castlemaine in 2013, the music was created while the performers were rehearsing.

Aurora theme


2011 - String Orchestra

Composed for the Sofia Soloists competition. An exploration of glissando and dynamic harmony.

Four on the Floor

2010 - Piano, symphony orchestra, electric bass and drum kit

An orchestral dj mixing tracks together. Composed for Concorso 2 Agosto competition, for which the theme was a crossover into popular or folk styles.


2008 - Solo soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices, harp

This was commissioned for the St Ives Uniting Church event Stations of Creation, a concert with different composers writing one of each of the stages of creation of a human being.  Gestation is an insight into what a baby must hear as they grow in the womb.

Sweets from Dr Phil

2006 - Trumpet, 15 Glocksenspiel, synthesizer

A musical representation of a mathematical manipulation of the Fibonacci series, fused with the style of the dedicatee, trumpeter Phil Day.

  • part 1 - All you need is to learn the numbers
  • part 2 - Excuse me whilst i put on my wobbly boots
  • part 3 - I was in Miami and this guy rolled a seven-paper joint
Originally scored for trumpet and 15 glockenspiel, this rendition features Phil Day on trumpet with a synthesizer accompaniment.  Listen in stereo for the greatest effect as the glockenspiel melody builds from the combination of 15 stereo-panned glockenspiel sounds.

Press [START]

2006 - Flute trio, samples

dedicated to and featuring flute by Emma Knight. music for a fictional computer game, arranged for flute trio and samples.

  • level 1 - journey to the princess' tower
  • level 2 - climb to the top of the tower
  • bonus round - find the peas in the princess' mattresses
  • level 3 - carry the princess to freedom
  • game over!
  • enter your initials. press [start] to continue.

In a year or five

2006 - Choir

A love song for a time too soon.  Theme and variations set for choir.


2006 - Saxophone quartet and pipe organ

A trip through my own subconscious, as fractured and tangential as that may be... I felt the power of the pipe organ could be matched by not much less than a saxophone quartet!

Shifty – Symphony no 2

2006 - Symphony orchestra

If you have a Symphony no 1, then that precludes you have a Symphony no 2, right?  This is entitled Shifty, because it shifts within time, space and frequency.  It's shifty.

Shifty - Symphony no 2

Feet for Oars

2005 - Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Marimba

An impressionist depiction of a slow journey, by raft, down a river - picture Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.

Effing Strings

2005 - Symphony orchestra

Composed for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra project at the University of Melbourne.  Students were allowed five minutes to compose a piece for the MSO to workshop and perform.

Symphony No 1

2000 - Symphony orchestra

A neo-classically-inspired symphonic work in three movements for small orchestra. After completing my music degree at La Trobe University, I spent a month composing this symphony - because isn't that what composers do?  Compose symphonies? ** Audio is a synthesizer rendition


1999 - Alto & Tenor voice, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Keyboard

A setting of the Lewis Carroll poem. arranged for:

  • alto voice
  • tenor voice
  • alto sax
  • trumpet
  • trombone
  • synth celesta, electric piano or acoustic piano
** audio is a synthesizer rendition