What is the House of Andersen?

The House of Andersen is the professional entity of Australian composer and performer, Scott Sanders, representing his performance, production and composition projects.

Originally formed in 2005 to produce his original rock/pop compositions, the House of Andersen incorporates contemporary classical, electronica and electro-acoustic composition, theatre and jazz projects to fully showcase his diverse and eclectic talents as a vocalist, instrumentalist and composer.

The House of Andersen website was launched in 2011, featuring a listening lounge and a library of downloadable scores, and updated in 2017 to highlight the growing number of performance projects and collaborations Sanders is involved with.

Scott Sanders - biography

A classically-trained composer, rock/pop/electronic producer, contemporary performer, choral conductor and event manager, Scott has a rich and eclectic background reflecting his wide range of tastes and interests.

As a composer Scott writes in a post-modern style – or rather, in a multitude of styles, drawing from sources as far apart as renaissance polyphony, chromatic modulation, quartal harmony and mathematical manipulation to create a music which is undoubtedly consistent, yet varied stylistically and orchestrally. Whilst displaying a keen preference for orchestral and choral music, his ensemble composition shows his understanding of timbre by his unusual settings and combinations.
As a rock/pop/electronic composer and producer, Scott transcends the popular traditional harmonic settings, shunning the standard chord progression palette with original movements based on common-tone and macrotonal theories. His great love for synthesizers becomes clear with a blending of electric and electronic sounds appearing
even in the otherwise solid rock tunes, and is exploited fully in his electronica and more experimental computer music. His capable performance skills in vocals and guitar are highlighted throughout this part of his catalogue.
As a performer Scott shows his willingness to experience the full range of tonal and timbral possibilities, proficient in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, analog and digital synthesizer, and vocals spanning a range of two and a half octaves. From classical guitar beginnings, through to rock/pop, folk, musical theatre, choral and experimental/avant garde/improvisation, he has proven a valuable member of many groups and ensembles throughout his career. His expansion into choral direction and conducting has been the result of many years of dedicated study into the voice.

Parallel to this, Scott has combined his flair for administration and his education in music technology to become a successful music event manager and arts administrator. As Festival Director for the 2011 Castlemaine Fringe Festival and Station Manager of Castlemaine’s community radio station MAIN fm Scott has been able to apply his extensive education and experience to support and facilitate other artists and musicians in the expression of their own arts practice.

Currently, as of July 2017
· composing a piece for Plexus, a violin/cello/piano trio dedicated to performing new works from Australian composers
· performing in The Mathy Matt show for primary schools, a musical show about mathematics touring nationally in 2017 through School Performance Tours
· technical officer at MAIN fm, Castlemaine community radio station

Education history:
· MMus (Composition) University of Melbourne
· Grad Dip Ed (Music) University of Melbourne
· BA (Music) La Trobe University
· Private composition study with Neil Kelly

Scott Sanders - curriculum vitae

Recent roles, groups and projects history

  • The House of Andersen Music 2005 - current
    Self-publishing website http://thehouseofandersen.com
    Composition, performance, recording, production
  • The Fringe Thing Inc 2009 – 2016 Festival Director, Chair
    Castlemaine arts organization auspicing artist projects, facilitating local arts projects:
    · Castlemaine Fringe festival
    · CASPA artist-run gallery space
    · Fringe Music
    · Arts Open open studios festival
  • The Mathy Matt Show 2017 – current 
    A theatrical show about numbers for primary schools - touring through School Performance Tours
  • Stardust Melodies 2016 – current Voice
    Jazz ballads show featuring some of the most beautiful melodies from the twentieth century
  • The Brighton Whiteley Synthetic Cabaret Hour 2016 – current
    A comical musical theatrical variety show
  • Sol Robouros 2014 – current Guitar, voice
    Improvised psychedelic stoner-fusion
  • Snog 2013 – current Synthesizer
    Keyboard and synthesizer for Babes in Consumerland 2013 and Compliance 2015
  • The Octophonic Frogs 2011 – current Synthesizer
    Performing improvised music with bass, synth, harmonica, percussion and a backdrop of local frogs
  • 37° South 2012 – 2017 Tenor voice
    A contemporary vocal ensemble based in Castlemaine singing art music from the 20th and 21st century
  • An evening at the House of Andersen 2015 Composition, arrangement, guitar, voice
    A showcase of composition, arrangement and performance over 90 minutes
  • Aussie Kids Rock 2014 – 2015 Electric guitar, voice
    A primary-level show teaching various genres of rock.
    Touring in 2015 with School Performance Tours http://schoolperformancetours.com.au
  • MAIN fm 2014 – 2015 Station Manager / Volunteer Coordinator
    Office management, coordination of over 100 presenters and volunteers, tech support, audio production
  • Mainesong 2011 – 2014 Music director and conductor
    A community a capella choir based in Castlemaine singing gospel, ethnic, ancient and pop music
  • Sing Australia Bendigo 2011 – 2014 Music director and conductor
    An Australia-wide singing group with a Bendigo membership singing songs from the 20th century
  • Sunday Local Sunday Live 2010 – 2014 Producer and presenter
    A local music programme on MAIN fm featuring music in, from and around Central Victoria
  • Aurora Productions 2013 Sound design, composition, live audio
    Sound design and composition for the play Aurora Calling, staged in August 2013
  • Castlemaine State Festival 2013 Vocalist, choir director
    Solo performance at ‘Cornucopia’, the opening event, and Workshop leader in Voice & Co – Foundations, creating
    new music from the fundamentals of phonetics and communication
  • Atmos Ensemble 2009 - 2013 Guitar, synthesizer, vocals, effects, misc
    small instruments
    Performing purely improvised music at various locations monthly
  • Capricorn Rising 2012 Synthesizer
    A synthesizer duet with Prudence Rees-Lee performing ambient and avant-garde electronic music
Selected Compositions

go to the listening lounge to hear many of these
go the the library to download scores for free

Seaorse Dreams [2015] - Computer music 6 min
Music for contemporary dance. Presented at Castlemaine Fringe Festival 2015.

Mine [2013] - Soprano, Clarinet, Cello, Piano 16 min
For Pure Poetry 2013, with poetry by Terence Jaensch. Three movements about a boy falling down a mineshaft.

Trace with Nature [2013] - Computer music, piano samples 15 min
Soundtrack to the Video Architecture presentation, Trace with Movement presented at Castlemaine State Festival 2013.

H Hecne Osife [2013] - Computer music 15 min
An exploration of the fundamentals of music physics. Composed for We are made of Star Stuff, Lot 19 Castlemaine.

Dylan Thomas Suite [2008 - 13] - Choir 60 min
A setting of Dylan Thomas poems for large choir. Eight poems / movements.

Schiftenßleidt [2010] - String Orchestra 16 min
Composed for the Sofia Soloists competition. An exploration of glissando and dynamic harmony.

Four on the Floor [2010] - Piano, Electric Bass, Drum Kit and Orchestra 8 min
An orchestral dj mixing tracks together. Composed for Concorso 2 Agosto competition, for which the theme was a crossover into popular or folk styles.

Gestation [2009] - Vocal Quartet and Harp 6 min
What a growing baby may hear as it develops in the womb. Baby represented by a setting for the harp of the Fibonacci series, as a natural growth pattern. Composed for Stations of Creation, St Ives NSW.

Bipolaride [2006] - Saxophone Quartet and Pipe Organ 10 min
A trip through my own subconscious, as fractured and tangential as that may be...

Press [2006] - Flute Trio and Samples 10 min
Music for a fictional computer game inspired by the Commodore 64.

Effing Strings [2006] - Orchestra 5 min
Composed for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra project at Melbourne University. An exercise in packing material into five minutes.

Sweets from Dr Phil [2006] - Trumpet and Synthesizer or Trumpet, 15 Glockenspiel and Vibraphone 10 min
A musical representation of a mathematical manipulation of the Fibonacci series, fused with the style of the dedicatee, trumpeter Phil Day.

Feet for Oars [2005] - Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Marimba, Piano 10 min
An impressionist depiction of a slow journey, by raft, down a river - picture Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.

Symphony No 1 [2001] - Orchestra 22 min
A neo-classically-inspired symphonic work.

Jabberwocky [2000] - Alto & tenor voice, trumpet, trombone, alto sax, keyboard
A setting of the poem by Lewis Carroll.