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Australian vocalist, performer and composer Scott Sanders.

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The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
The town of Echuca is surely a gem astride a great river. The Zero Point is aching to rise from the smouldering ashes of their winter hibernation like a phoenix into the steadily rising air of an Australian spring. River?.....Phoenix? RIVER PHOENIX!?

And just like our young avatar of 80's style here, The Zero Point are eager to bust a move, get jiggy wit it and lay down some fresh dance rock this Saturday at The American Hotel Echuca. 10pm till late and it's free! That's almost criminal..a smooth criminal;)
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
Our friends over at Reverse Engineers are celebrating their 15-year anniversary! They collect and modify old electronic instruments and devices to create new music. Check out their anniversary video here:
The House of Andersen
James Earthenware (feat. Loscha) - Empty Promises (2004)
#sadsonghappyvideo #juxtaposition #casiotone #circuitbending 15th anniversary video October 2019. Song recorded before we almost set the house on fire. Relea...
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
open mic now has a facebook page :) thanks Robbie for this great and rare photo of Scott with his eyes open!
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
Vocal Foundations begins Wed 25 September, 7pm

Do you love singing but struggle to get the sound you're looking for?
Do your friends tell you that you have a lovely voice and that "you should do something with it" but you're not sure how to take it to the next level?

Take control over your own voice with Vocal Foundations, a weekly bootcamp for your voice! Every Wednesday from 7pm at the Uniting Church Hall, Castlemaine. $10 full/conc.
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
Coming soon to Castlemaine!
(yes, the rumours are true...)
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
We're pretty stoked to finally release some of this epic gig from Feb! Big thanks to Rex Watts for the recording, all the dancing fans who keep us pumped and to Peter Griffin from the Cri for believing in us two years ago :)

Keep posted for more coming very soon!
The House of Andersen
The Zero Point
Recorded live at the Criterion Hotel, Castlemaine by Rex Watts, 16 February 2019. Paperback Writer by Lennon-McCartney.

Upcoming performances

  1. the Invisible Pink with Earworm at the Taproom

    October 18 @ 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Jazz ballads and standards show
A weekly bootcamp for your voice!
Acoustic duet
Primary-school level show about numbers
Original compositions and performances
Live improvised electronica
Improvised instrumental acoustic guitar duo
Party rock outfit The Zero Point, featuring Matt Reid (Hobo Erectus)…
Electronic cabaret and variety show
Laid-back swamp jazz
Songs from the last 100 years
Psychedelic stoner fusion