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Australian vocalist, performer and composer Scott Sanders.

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The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
Coming soon to Castlemaine!
(yes, the rumours are true...)
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
We're pretty stoked to finally release some of this epic gig from Feb! Big thanks to Rex Watts for the recording, all the dancing fans who keep us pumped and to Peter Griffin from the Cri for believing in us two years ago :)

Keep posted for more coming very soon!
The House of Andersen
The Zero Point
Recorded live at the Criterion Hotel, Castlemaine by Rex Watts, 16 February 2019. Paperback Writer by Lennon-McCartney.
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
It's been an intense 2019 here at the House of Andersen - relocating, recording heaps, building a new home... we've been a bit quiet on the public front while keeping the home fires (and pyres) burning...

You've been very patient, and we love you so much for it that we've got a special preview for you of a new project with Scott Sanders and Rex Watts launching locally on Fri 19 July at the Taproom [stay tuned for details].
Here's a live studio recording of one of Scott's songs, Every Bullet.

Every Bullet by Scott Sanders
Guitar / Vocal - Scott Sanders
Mandolin - Rex Watts
recorded live at SAE, South Melbourne by Josh D'Silva
mixed and mastered by Scott and Rex
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen

Do you have any mobile video footage of the Zero Point from any of our gigs? If so, we'd love to get a copy of it for our upcoming live recording release and music video.

Please let us know if you have some by commenting here, and we'll get in touch to arrange collecting it. We're really excited about the recording and we'll have a sneak preview up really soon :)
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
wouldn't one of these be lovely?
The House of Andersen
The viola organista was designed by Leonardo da Vinci and built in this modern version by SÅ‚awomir Zubrzycki, only in 2013. It has not the piano sound, but it is more like having a chamber strings orchestra under your fingers. Unbelievable!
The House of Andersen
The House of Andersen
this sat at the Cri. yeah baby.
Jazz ballads and standards show
Primary-school level show about numbers
Electronic cabaret and variety show
Original compositions and performances
Songs from the last 100 years
Acoustic duet
Psychedelic stoner fusion
Improvised instrumental acoustic guitar duo
Party rock outfit The Zero Point, featuring Matt Reid (Hobo Erectus)…
Laid-back swamp jazz
Live improvised electronica
A weekly bootcamp for your voice!