The Mathy Matt Show

The Mathy Matt show,

featuring Tekno the computer


Mathy Matt and his digital assistant, Tekno the computer, take you on a musical journey through the fascinating world of numbers!  Mathy Matt and Tekno use the power of music to tackle some of the tricky concepts in maths, such as:

  • Fractions and decimals
  • What is Zero
  • Positive and negative numbers
  • Place value

The songs are informative and educational, with awesome beats and lyrics about maths that stay stuck in your head.  Plus great stories about the origins of some of this maths came to be, and some cool tricks to try on your parents!

A little history, a lot of skills and a heap of music add up to make the Mathy Matt show a whole bunch of fun!

Tekno v1.0 show

Mathy Matt is unveiling his new creation – Tekno, the artificial intelligence.  Just as Tekno is showing the audience some of the maths he can do, a power surge wipes out his number memory – and there’s no backup!  All is not lost though – the audience and Mathy Matt teach Tekno all about numbers, all over again.  How do you describe what a number is to someone who doesn’t know anything about them?

Coming soon – Tekno v2.0 show

Mathy Matt and Tekno have just invented a time machine.  But there’s a problem – Matt accidentally hits the go button before the date has been entered and disappears somewhere into time!  The audience and Tekno visit different mathematicians from history to find Mathy Matt and bring him back to the present.