Guildford hotel 2014

We love playing out at the Gilly, it’s really just like home. Our frogs love it too – well, who doesn’t love playing at their local? It’s full of people you see everyday, and you can hop home without having to drive.

It was a Saturday afternoon, or was it a Sunday…? Time moves differently out here. Anyway, here’s the entire performance split up into bite-sized segments. We’ve named each of them after some of our favourite frogs:

Part 1 – Southern Brown Tree Frog

Part 2 – Lesueur’s Tree Frog

Part 3 – Peron’s Tree Frog

Part 4 – Growling Grass Frog

Part 5 – Spotted Tree Frog

Part 6 – Verreaux’s Tree Frog

Part 7 – Eastern Sign-bearing Froglet

images courtesy of Frogs of Australia

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